I am proud to say I have been excepted to the prestigious Colorado Indian Market & Southwest Showcase in Denver.  The show is January 19-21, 2018.  Both paintings below along with many others will be for sale.  Hope to see you there!

This week I am painting a beautiful Mesa Verde background with Anasazi pots in the foreground.  

And here it is.  The pots are from ones found and estimated to be from 795 a.d. to 1050 a.d.  The tall, large mouth pot is said to indicate trading between Anasiza and Mayan people and was used in frothing chocolate.


Most of my work is southwest with both earthtone shades as well as bright colors.  Each painting is unique.  

Last week I painted Keet Seel.  These cliff dwellings are located about eight miles up a branch canyon from Betatakin.  Part of the Navajo National Monument in Arizona.

Keet Seel 3 700x340 


For information or to purchase: info@jmbstudios.com