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Looking forward to some great shows in the last half of 2021.
Keet Seel – Located about 8 miles from Betatakin Ruin in the Navajo National Monument. A spectacular Cliff Dwelling, Keet Seel is one of the best preserved of all of the Kayenta Anasazi sites as well as the largest in Arizonia. This painting depicts the ruin with some interpretive restoration of the small domiciles in front to get a better idea of life at the time. Beautiful golds softened by browns, greens and purples make this a wonderful painting to decorate any home.
Anasazi Heritage – this painting depicts the Spruce House Dwelling in Mesa Verde National Park. Spruce House is located in the background with old, broken pots as the point of interest. Of the three pots in the painting the largest is a black-on-white pitcher, A.D. 875-1050, Anasazi Mineral-Paint Tradition. The second pot is a Frothing Pot first introduced to the Anasazi by the Maya to mix Cacao into a chocolate drink. Black-on-white beaker, A.D. 950-1050, Anasazi Mineral-Paint Tradition. The Bowl in front is black-on-white, A.D. 950-1025, Anasazi Mineral-Paint Tradition.
Wall Hanging – Corn after the harvest hanging on the pueblo by the door. Blue, red, yellow, orange and purple corn depicted on the wall of the pueblo.
Pots & Corn - Pots and Corn abandon in the New Mexico sun. Large black-on-white pot in the back depicting the Pueblo Owl. Black-on-white pot in the middle and black-on white bowl in front. All are broken some probably from the three discarded ears of corn in the foreground.

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